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Let’s Learn To Cook With Kids!

July 27th, 2017
 This summer, have your child learn how to cook  healthy foods while learning some math skills. Kids love to help Mom in the kitchen! Make a yummy fruit pizza. Make cookie dough using flour, sugar, etc…Have your child learn about measurements by using ½ cup, 1 cup, 1 tablespoon, 1 teaspoon, etc… in the kitchen. Roll out the dough into a large “pizza”. Once the dough is cooked and cooled, spread peanut butter or cookie butter on top of the cookie. Have them brush up on their practical life skills by cutting up their favorite fruit and top your “pizza”.
Now enjoy your yummy, healthy dessert!
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Friends, Fun, and Fruit!

April 19th, 2017

 Make a Friendship Fruit Salad!

What a great way for our kids to learn about sharing with our friends!

We had each child bring in their favorite fruit. Then we exercised our practical life skills! We peeled, cut and sliced our fruits. Each child put their fruit in our class bowl and …voila!! A delicious and healthy snack for all of us to share!

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