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Pumpkin Zentangles

November 15th, 2018




Pumpkin Zentangles

The holiday season is creeping up on us! Soon Thanksgiving will pass and Christmas will sneak up on us once again. But lets soak up every bit of fall this November, and partake in this calming art project. I have attached a link for a printable of a pumpkin zentangle. Zentangles are so easy to prepare, all you have to do is print it out and color! Adults have crazed over the trend of zentangles, but I have found that our students also find calmness or zen in these projects. I like to offer only warm fall colors for these zentangles to enhance the fall feel of the project. If you want to make your zentangle snazzer, we like to cut out the zentangle and paste it onto a gold foil scrapbook paper.

Nature Walks

November 2nd, 2018

Fall Nature Walks

As the weather cools off a bit, it is nice to go on outdoor walks with your family.  There are many great learning opportunities in nature.  Part of our Montessori curriculum/ lessons involve nature and the outdoors.  A great at home activity, is to take your children on a walk through your neighborhood searching for various types of nature.  You can bring along a small bag or basket and your child can collect different types of leaves, rocks, acorns, pinecones, etc.  You can then go home and have a discussion about what you found and even make a craft or collage out of the items.  These types of walks are enjoyable for everyone and can be a great family activity during the fall!