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It’s Thanksgiving Time!!

October 31st, 2017

   November is a great month to have your little ones exercise their practical life skills  just in time for Thanksgiving!


  1. Make a special table setting work. Set out special china, utensils,  candles, cornucopia filled with fruit, etc…and let your child set the table.
  2.  Make a fun spooning work using candy corn instead of beans.
  3. Make a tong work using assorted orange, red, yellow and green pompoms, 2 plastic bowls and a set of tongs or tweezers!


All these works can be made at home and are a great way to strengthen your child’s pincer grasp while having fun!


Gobble Gobble!!!


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Healthy Eating

June 8th, 2017
 As a parent it is important to encourage healthy eating habits in the children from a young age. Try to cut down on sugar filled snacks. Instead of canned or frozen food try to use fresh ingredients in your cooking. You can be creative and make the snack more appealing to your children by making snacks using various themes. Some examples are : creating American flag with fruits, ants on a log with celery sticks and raisins.
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